Article 370 Revoked-Kashmir is Bifurcated into Jammu Kashmir & Ladakh Union Territories

The Government of India revoked the Article 370 yesterday i.e. on 5th August 2019. After 72 years from this independence day 15th August 2019 in Kashmir there will be one flag. Earlier the citizens of Kashmir used to have 2 citizenships and 2 flags with the revoking of article 370 that has come to an end, and officially Kashmir is one of the parts of the country like other 28 states & 7 union Territories in India.

Earlier the Government of India provided special status and many offers to the Jammu & Kashmir State through Article 370 and Article 35A. According to these two articles the Citizens of Jammu Kashmir State can live under their own set of laws, fundamental rights, J&K Citizenship, ownership of the properties etc when compared to the remaining 28 States & 7 Union Territories in India.

The special status for the Jammu & Kashmir State has been removed and the State is bifurcated as 2 Union Territories one is Jammu & Kashmir with Legislative Assembly and the second one is Ladakh without Legislative Assembly.


  • The special status which was there earlier was removed
  • Jammu Kashmir is divided in to 2 union Territories.
  • Jammu Kashmir now is a union territory with Legislative Assembly like Delhi.
  • The second Union Territory  is Ladakh, Ladakh is like other Union Territories without Legislative Assembly.

The Changes in Jammu & Kashmir after Revoking the Article 370:

With Article 370 & 35A Without Article 370 & 35A
Special Status, Special Set of Laws, and Special Powers to the State Government No Special Status, and must follow the Constitution of India like other 28 State & 7 Union Territories
Dual Citizenship – One as Kashmiri & second one as Indian Single Citizenship – As Indian
Separate Flag for Kashmir along with the Indian Flag One Flag – Indian Flag( Tri Colour Flag)
Article 360 was not applicable earlier Article 360 is applicable. Article 360 indicates the financial emergency
No Reservations for other than Muslims Minorities can avail 16% Reservation ( Minorities – Non Muslims)
RTI was not applicable RTI is applicable
Indian Citizens from the other States and UT’s has no right to purchase and own a property or land in Kashmir Other people who are interested can purchase the land and own properties in Jammu & Kashmir.
Legislative Assembly Constituency term was 6 years Legislative Assembly Constituency term is 5 years
If a woman of Jammu & Kashmir marries a guy from outside the Kashmir she would lose the Citizenship Woman of Jammu & Kashmir can marry anyone she like to and avail all the benefits as an Indian Citizen
Panchayats was nominal without any rights Panchayats will have 100% rights like in other states
Right to Education was not applicable Right to Education is applicable now

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