Computer Software & Introduction to Computers

What is Computer Software?

The term software is generic and it represents an organized set of computer data or instructions that are classed as system software and application software. The former referring to system software provides fundamental non-task-specific functions in a computer while the latter referring to application software is utilized to accomplish specific tasks.


System software is used to control, integrate, and manage components within the individual hardware in a computer system. Example of system software is such as operating systems, disk formatters, display managers, user authentication, management tools, file managers, and device control software.

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Application Software:

Application software, apart from running the computer, it is used to attempt or accomplish specific tasks. It works with the support of the system software meaning it’s not possible for the application software to function without having the system software. Examples of application software are image viewers, Microsoft Office, MySQL (Database Software), Adobe Photoshop (Graphics Software), Microsoft PowerPoint (Presentation Software), Firefox and opera (Browsers) and others.

Introduction to Computer:

A computer is a computing machine or electronic device that works under a set of instructions stored in its memory and accepts data or input then processes it based on specified rules before producing information or output and storing that information for use in the future. A computer performs the following functions:

  • It takes in data as input.
  • It stores the data or the instructions within its memory and then uses them when needed.
  • It processes the data and turns it into useful information.
  • It gives back the output after computing.
  • It also coordinates the four steps to ensure that they are executed properly.

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