Driving License Medical Certificate Form 1 A Download

Before applying for the Driving License in India one must have a valid Learners License along with Medical Certificate and Physical fitness Certificate. So it is mandatory that one should provide a medical certificate issued by a doctor while applying for the driving license. Here in this article we providing Form1A Medical Certificate application form you can download the Form 1A applying for the Medical certificate. After downloading the Form 1A or Medical certificate form visit a doctor to certify your medical status.

DL Medical certificate Application Form 1A Sample Form PDF:

How to Fill Medical Certificate Application Form 1A Online & Offline while applying for Learning License?

Medical certificate is issued by the medical practitioner or a doctor  appointed by the State Government. Medical Certificate Form1A must be submitted by the individual at the time of applying for learning license in India.

  • Physical fitness  form1 consists of 3 parts, first part is for personal details and the second one is for declaration and the third one is Certificate of Medical Fitness.
  • While applying for the Medical Certificate you have to fill the first part of the application form.
  • In the first part of the application you have to affix a passport size photo and you have to enter your name and 2 identification marks.
  • Medical certificate is issued by the doctor after checking your medical fitness so remaining part of the application form will be certified by the medical practitioner.

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