Duplicate Driving License Application Form LLD Download

Form LLD is a DL application form provided by the RTO applying for the duplicate driving license as well as intimating that ones driving license is lost or damaged. If your driving license is lost or stolen or damaged or tore apart then in that case you have to apply for a duplicate license. LLD form or Duplicate Driving License application form can be used to apply for the Duplicate driving license in all the above said cases. Here in this article we are providing Form LLD Application Form, you can download LLD application form and can apply for the Duplicate Driving License at the RTO.

Duplicate Driving License Form LLD Sample Form PDF:

How to Fill Duplicate Driving License Application Form LLD Online & Offline?

This is special case because the question of duplicate license rises when we you lose your driving license or when the driving license is damaged or tore apart. If you are planning for online then you should be ready with your Driver’s License scanned copy and should be able to pay the duplicate driving License fees online. If you are planning in person at RTO then you should take a xerox copy of your driving license along with the fees.

  • Duplicate Driving license form LLD contains 4 parts.
  • First enter your name and your father name or husband name.
  • Enter your complete address.
  • You have to tick or select whether your driving license is lost or destroyed or torn or defaced or mutilated.
  • After ticking the cause now you have to mention the circumstance or reason for your driving license lost or destroyed or torn or defaced or mutilated
  • Enter your driver’s license number and the class of driving license you are authorized to drive.
  • Enter your name.
  • Enter the date of issue of driver’s license.
  • Enter the Licensing authority issued you driving license ( RTO & Place)
  • After entering all the details now check the details you have entered and sign the application with date and mention the complete address.

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