Voter Id Form 7 Application for objecting inclusion of name in electoral roll

The Election Commission of India provides Form 7, this Form 7 Application can be used for objecting inclusion of name in electoral roll or seeking deletion of name from Electoral Roll . Form 7 can be used in the cases of death of the electorate to remove the name from the electoral roll or if anyone no longer lives there or if the voter id holder shifts his place of residence permanently from the existing place.

NVSP Form 7 Sample Form PDF:

How to Fill NVSP Form 7 Objecting for Inclusion of Name in Electoral Roll online & Offline?

NVSP – National Voters Service Portal offers Form 7 application form to object the inclusion of name in the electoral roll or for seeking deletion of name in the electoral roll. NVSP Form7 is available in 3 languages they are English, Hindi, and Malayalam. Form 7 contains 5 parts, they are particulars of the applicant, details of the person whose name you want to object, reasons of objection, and declaration part. You can fill or complete the Form 7 application form online or you can download the Form 7 in printable PDF format and fill it.

  • First enter your State, District, and Assembly Constituency.
  • Now enter the applicant details.
  • After entering the applicant details now enter the person details of whom you want to apply for deletion or objection.
  • After entering the details now specify the reason to object or to apply for deletion.
  • The last part of the application is declaration part, complete the declaration part, mention the date and place.
  • Now if you are applying online then click the submit button. If you are applying offline then sign the application form and submit the application form.