How to Apply for International Driver’s License in India

An International driver’s license is a valuable document that helps recognize legally-licensed drivers in any country they are travelling. It is also called as International Driving Permit (IDP). It contains driving terms used in different languages. It also serves as an important document of identification as it contains the photograph of the driver.

Who can Apply for an International Driver’s License in India

Any person who holds a valid Indian driving license can apply for an international driver’s license.

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Standards for International Driver’s License

The United Nations Conference on Road Traffic, Final Act held in 1968 has set some standards for an international driver’s license. This law states that:

  • The main information related to the Original driver’s license should be in English.
  • The license should have a photo and a signature (or a thumb print) of the vehicle owner.
  • The categories of vehicle for which the Original driver’s license is should be valid.
  • It should state the restrictive conditions of driving and terms of disqualification.

Information Required on the International Driver’s License

The international driver’s license should contain:

  • Full name of the Applicant
  • Father’s Name
  • Place of Birth and Country
  • Permanent Address / Temporary Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Education Qualification
  • Identification Marks
  • Blood Group
  • Full details about your previous IDL

Documents Required for Applying for International Driver’s License

  • Valid driving license along with attested copies
  • Passport along with attested copies
  • Visa along with attested copies
  • Medical Certificate in Form IA
  • Payment of prescribed fees
  • Applicant should submit the application in the jurisdiction where he/she stays.
  • The applicant is required to be present before licensing authority for grant of IDP.
  • Duly filled form of IDP


You need to apply for an international driving license in the jurisdiction where you originally reside or carry out your business along with valid and relevant documents. You can drive with the International Driving License in a foreign country for a maximum period of 1 year.

Within a year, you need to get the license from the country of visit, before your international driver’s license issued in India gets expired.

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