How to Calculate the Land Area of Irregular Shaped Plots, Agricultural Lands, House Sites

In the last article I told you how to calculate the land area of regular shaped plots or agricultural lands, which has equal length on both sides as well as equal width on both the sides. Coming to the irregular shaped plots or lands, basically these may have more than one type of length or one type of width i.e. one face of the land may have different length and other may have different length likewise different widths on different faces, to determine or to find the are of such irregular shaped plots or agricultural lands we have a simple formula by using that anyone can find the exact area in square feet and by finding the area you can convert the land area in to Square Yards, Cents, Acres, Guntas/pits, Gajalu/Square Yards.

Example 1:

It is an example of typical agricultural land which has two different lengths and 2 different widths

Example 2:

It is an example of typical house plot which has same length on both sides but 2 different widths

Example 3:

It is an example of typical house plot which has 2 different lengths on both sides and 2 different widths

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