How to Get a New Gas Connection

Getting a consumer gas connection is a must for every family. Getting cylinders from the black market is not only expensive, but also a difficult and tedious task. The Government is taking major steps to overcome the black market and streamline LPG gas connections in every home. Recently, the Government has announced a subsidy to be paid directly to valid LPG consumers in their bank account.

Steps to Get a New LPG Gas Connection

In India, there are 3 major gas suppliers- HP, Bharat gas and Indane Gas. You can choose any of their services. Choose your nearest LPG dealer and visit him for a new consumer form.

You can apply for a new gas connection online too, by visiting the website of the LPG gas suppliers online:

  • For HP gas –
  • For Indane gas –
  • For Bharat gas –

In case of offline method:

  • Visit your nearest dealer and take the form for new connection.
  • Attach a valid Photo ID proof as mentioned in the registration form such as passport, Aadhaar card, driver’s license, voter’s card, etc.
  • Attach a valid proof of residence like ration card, electricity bill (not more than 3 months old), telephone bill (not more than 3 months old), Employer’s certificate, current rent receipt, letter from landlord that certifies you as a tenant, House registration papers, House Tax current bill.
  • You need to give an Affidavit in the prescribed format that states your household does not have any other LPG/PNG connection.
  • You will also have to state your Aadhaar card number along with your bank account to get your subsidy deposited in your account by the government.

Once you fill the form and attach the valid documents, submit it to the dealer and wait for activation of your new LPG connection.

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