How to Measure Land Area or How to Calculate the Area of an Agricultural Land

What is Feet, Square Feet, Cents, Acres, Guntas/Pits, Gajalu/Square Yards, and How to find a Plot’s Square Yards, Square Feet, Cents, Guntas/Pits

Let us start with the very basic things, to calculate or to measure the agriculture land or a plot or any site one need to find the area of that land first, for that we have a very basic formula, the area of any land which has length and breadth can be determined or calculated by multiplying the length of the land with the width of the land, by doing so we can get the exact area of that land. Apart from multiplying the length and width we can calculate the area of the land in different ways especially when we come across the irregular shaped lands for example the land which has five faces or 2 type of lengths and 2 type of widths.

Let us check out how to calculate or find the area of a plot which has same length on both sides and same width on both sides.

Coming to the first example which is a straight line, basically for any straight line the area will be 0 because it has only length.  Let us take the second example, here in this example the length of the land is 2 feet whereas the width of the plot is 2 feet, as I said earlier by multiplying the length of the land with the width of the plot we can determine the area of the land, so 2feet * 2feet it becomes 4 Sqft, 2*2 = 4 and feet * feet = square feet. Likewise we can calculate the area of the second and third examples.

You will be wondering for how to calculate the Square Yards, Cents, Acres, Gajalu, Guntalu etc. Now we know how to measure the area of an agriculture land or a plot or any site, so by using the land area we can convert that area into cents, square yards, acres, Gajalu, Guntalu etc. Before starting I would like to explain you what is a Cent, What is feet, What is a Square Feet, What is an Acre, What is a Gajam, and what is a Gunta.


  • Feet is equivalent to 12 inches
  • Feet is equivalent to 30 CMS

Square foot:

  • Square foot is defined as the area of a square with sides 1 foot
  • 1 Square foot is equivalent to 144 Square Inches
  • 1 Square foot is equivalent to  1/9 Square Yard

Square Yard:

1 Square Yard is equivalent to 9 Square Feet


Oka Gajam is equalent to 9 Square Feet


1 Cent is equivalent to 435.6 Sqft


Gunta/pit is equivalent to 1089 Sqft


1 Acre is equivalent to 43560 Sqft

By using the above formulae we can convert the land area into cents or square yards or acres or Guntas/pits or gajalu/square yards. Let us understand more by taking other examples. Example1: How convert the Area into Cents, Square Yards, Acres, Guntas, Gajalu etc.

Example 1:

Example 2:

Example 3:

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