How to Take Print from Your Mobile Phone?

Can I take print from my mobile phone from anywhere, yes you can take the print from any part of the world by using your mobile phone. The only thing you need to do is connect your printer to PC and then connect it to Google Cloud by using a Gmail id later connect to Google Cloud in your mobile phone too by using the same Gmail id. While connecting your PC and your mobile phone to Google Cloud remember one ting you have to use the same Gmail id.

How to Take Print from a Mobile Phone from anywhere?

  • First connect your printer to your PC.
  • Then go to google search bar and select settings from the more options.
  • Now select Advanced settings from settings window.
  • You can see printing option in the settings window, in the printing menu you can see printers and Google Cloud Print options.
  • Select Google Cloud Print option from the Printing menu.
  • Now click on manage Cloud Print devices option.
  • You will be directed to the Devices window, in the devices window click on  Add Printers button.
  • Upon tapping the add printers button, you will be directed to the Gmail window where you need to select any Gmail account and sign in to the account by using your id and password.
  • As and when you login, you can see the external devices connected to your computer or Laptop.
  • Now select the printer by checking with a tick mark in front of the box and click on the add printer button.
  • You can see the connected printer in Cloud print window so your printer is successfully connected to the Google Cloud.
  • Now let us connect the printer with Google Cloud by using Mobile phone.
  • To print from your mobile, you need to have a print share app on your mobile.
  • So go to the Google Paly Store and download the Print Share App which is absolutely free.
  • Install the downloaded print share app and open the App.
  • Now let us try to give the print command directly from the mobile so select any document or pdf or image or picture you want to take the print.
  • Since we have not connected the printer to the mobile so we need to connect the printer to mobile so upon clicking the print option.
  • It will ask you to select the printer, now select the Google Cloud Print.
  • Upon clicking the Google Cloud Print option, you will be directed to the Gmail window.
  • So sign in by using the  same Gmail id.
  • As and when you login to your Gmail account, to connect to the Google Cloud Print, it will ask you for permissions so upon agreeing the terms and conditions you will be directed to the Add Printers window.
  • Now select the printer you want to connect to your mobile.
  • Upon selecting the printer you will be directed to the printing options window.
  • Where you can select and change the print options and click on the print button to take the print.

The Gist of it is to take the print from mobile, first you need to connect your PC and your Mobile phone to the Google Cloud Print by using the same Gmail id, by doing so the connection between your PC, Mobile, and your printer will be established via Google Cloud Print. The Fascinating fact about this is, you can take the print from any part of the world by using this option.

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