How to Track Vehicles without any GPS Tracker Device

Are you wondering for a free GPS Tracker which tracks your loved ones cars or vehicles at free of cost then you are in the right place. We have an unique idea with the help of which you can set GPS tracker in your vehicles at free of cost so don’t waste your money and valuable time on GPS tacker devices. Before we start, we normally sell or throw away the old Smartphone once after buying a new mobile, from now don’t throw them or sell them away because you can use it as GPS tracker in your vehicles or cars etc.

Let me tell how do that, before we start remember one thing that your old smartphone must be in working condition with internet facility and a charging port in your vehicle. Take your old smartphone and keep the mobile phone in your vehicle, make sure that location or GPS and mobile data is on.

How to Track Your Loved ones Vehicles with your Old Smartphone?

  • Take your old smartphone which is in working condition and has internet connection in it.
  • Make sure that the mobile data and GPS or location is on.
  • Now go to the Google maps and select location sharing from the more options.
  • You can share this real time location either with a mobile number or a mail id.
  • Choose them according to your convenience.
  • Once after choosing mobile number or mail id, share the location from the old smartphone.
  • Now keep the old smartphone in a secured place within the vehicle and your vehicle must have a mobile charging port.
  • Remember one thing the number or the mail id you shared can track or watch the real time location of your vehicle.
  • So to track the vehicle’s real time location you need to open the location sharing link either from the mobile number or the email id you have shared with.
  • Once you open the location sharing link you can track the real time location of your vehicle on Google Maps with GPS Coordinates.

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