International Women’s Day Is on March 8:


  • International Women’s Day is celebrated every year worldwide on 8 March to honour women and their inspiring powers and efforts they contribute to developing a human, society, and nation. It is the day to not just promote the rights of women, but to create an exclusive space for them to nurture and transform out from the rules of domination. This day recognises the rights of women and to ignite their spirits of power and hope.
  • The word ‘woman’ conjures up the images of selfless love, care and affection. They are the reflections of limitless, equality, and gratitude. But unfortunately, across the world, women had to fight for their independence and protection of rights. Since decades, women had struggled and are still fighting to express their right to speech, to vote, to equality, to education, to income and most importantly, to freedom.
  • The objective of Women’s Day is to express love and gratitude towards women’s’ contribution to our lives and society. It honours the power and struggles of women who have broken all barriers and reached the pinnacle of success in every sphere of life. Today, women across the globe actively participate in politics, education, social work, corporate, sports, IT, research & development, innovation and diverse fields, and have left their footprints.


  • On March 8, 1857, some female workers in New York City in the US demanded better work conditions and better pay. According to the report of Britannica, at that time the police tried to disperse the demonstration with full force, but after many years, those women again formed an independent women’s union with all their strength.
  • The first Russian observance of International Women’s Day was in February 1913.
  • In 1914, with World War I erupting, March 8 was a day of rallies of women against war, or women expressing international solidarity at that time of war.
  • In 1917, on February 23—March 8 on the Western calendar—Russian women organized a strike, a key beginning of events resulting in the czar being toppled.
  • The United Nations celebrated International Women’s Year in 1975, and in 1977, the United Nations officially got behind the annual honouring of women’s rights known as International Women’s Day.
  • The importance of International Women’s Day (IWD) moved rapidly to promote women’s rights and final suffrage in the 20th century. As part of its campaign for the upliftment of women, the Socialist Party of America organized the first National Women’s Day in 1909, encouraged by mass meetings across America.


  • While talking about the theme of this year’s International Women’s Day, this year the theme of this day has been ‘Women Leadership: Achieving an Equal Future in the World of COVID-19’. This theme underscores the contribution of girls and women around the world as health care workers, innovators, etc. during the Corona epidemic. International Women’s Day was first celebrated in 1996 with a theme. That year the United Nations had the theme for it, ‘Celebration of the past, planning for the future’.
  • Former Senior Royals Harry and Meghan gave some direct suggestions online on how to celebrate the 2021 International Women’s Day. Here are few tips, we would love to share with you:
  • Helping women and girls with an advance menstrual health and education. Sanitary help from government must be either free or at least the cheapest, and should be available in every public and private restroom.
  • Reaching out to a woman looking for employment.
  • Ordering from a woman-led restaurant
  • Providing a meal to woman in need
  • Tutoring a teenage girl navigating high school on her computer, among others.


  • My Wild and Sleepless Nights by Clover Stroud
  • Invisible Womenby Caroline Criado Perez
  • Difficult Womenby Helen Lewis
  • Hood Feminism: Notes from the Women That a Movement Forgotby Mikki Kendall
  • Mahashwetaby Sudha Murthy
  • I Know Why Caged Bird Singsby Maya Angelou


  1. One powerful being of the society is a woman who is educated and has the power to spread awareness in the society.” Happy Women’s Day!
  2. A woman is one who walks on her own footsteps rather than following the direction shown by the crowd.” Happy Women’s Day!
  3. Women are inspirations for others in so many ways. They wonderfully manage both their personal as well as professional lives. Happy Women’s Day 2021!
  4. Women have been a great source of inspiration for people and society as a whole. Happy Women’s Day to all beautiful ladies! Happy Women’s Day!
  5. There are so many times when we don’t really appreciate what women do for us. Here’s a big thanks to all the amazing women for their hard work and dedication. Happy Women’s Day!
  6. Each day is a challenge as well as an opportunity…Wishing you happiness & success in everything you do…Happy Women’s Day to you!
  7. The readiness to listen,

The patience to understand,

The strength to support,

The heart to care & just to be there…

This is the beauty of women….

Happy Women’s Day to all the lovely ladies!!!

  • When you work with wiser, more intelligent colleagues, you always prosper…Thank you, everyone, for making this work place a special one for me.Happy Women’s Day!!!
  • Companies with women employees have better chances of prosperity as they have perfectionists working for them…Happy Women’s Day!!!
  • You don’t just work but also inspire…You are the best example of passion and enthusiasm… Happy Women’s Day!!!
  • Women’s Day reminds me of the way,

You have made my life better with each passing day,

You small acts of love that have created big and better differences in my life,

My life became better because you became my wife,

Happy Woman’s Day, wife!!!

  1. You have faced hardships with bravery and resilience. You have disarmed your problems through your smile. You have concealed your worries in your heart. You are a strong woman indeed…Just enjoy this Day. Happy Women’s Day, sweetheart!
  2. The patience to listen,

The power to understand,

The willingness to care,

A heart that can share,

That is what makes you the most amazing woman of this universe,

Happy woman’s Day!

  1. The best medicine in this world is your HUG. Happy Women’s Day, my love!
  2. Happy Women’s Day, sister! I wish you get everything in life which you hope and dream for! Enjoy the day to the fullest!
  3. If you could see it from my eyes, you would know you are one gem of a Woman! Happy Women’s Day Sister!!!
  4. Dear Mom, you have raised, taught & protected me right from the beginning. Thank you for always showing and standing up for me…Wishing you a happy women’s day!
  5. I feel really blessed to have the best mother in this world who is also an inspirational woman. Wishing a very Happy Women’s Day to you mom!
  6. The fire in a woman’s heart is the strongest armour. She can burn the world with it or spread the warmth. Be an ambitious woman as always. Happy Women’s Day!!!
  7. Salute to a woman who is a symbol of courage and a sign of perfection. Happy Women’s Day, my sweet friend!
  8. A woman is one of the most beautiful creations of God. She is respectful as a daughter; caring as a sister; full of warmth in the form of a friend. Happy Women’s Day, special lady!!!
  9. Be a strong girl who can make it through the worst. Be a fearless woman who would dare to do anything. Be an independent lady who can climb ladders of success without the support of men. Be a courageous gal who never backs down. Three Cheers to you!!!
  10. Woman’s Day reminds me of how you made my life better with each passing day.

You gesture of love & care created influential differences in my life.

I am the happiest only because of you, my wife…

Happy International Women’s Day!!!

  • You must know that you can do this. You are a strong woman. You will make it. Just hang on and keep believing in yourself, always. Happy Women’s Day, girl!
  • In spite of failures – you stood up. In spite of sadness – you cheered up. In spite of the pain – you keep on fighting! Keep up your zealous spirits helping you in reaching new heights. Big congrats on March 8!
  • Women are a symbol of strength. She is the finest & beautiful creation of God without which no creation is possible. One who gives birth and nurtures. Happy Women’s Day!
  • The way you taught us, the knowledge you shared, the love & care you showered, makes you the world’s best teacher. Happy Women’s Day, teacher!
  • A teacher takes a HAND, opens a MIND, & touches a HEART. Wishing you a very Happy & Amazing Women’s Day 2021!
  • A strong woman understands that the gifts such as logic, decisiveness, and strength are just as feminine as intuition and emotional connection. She values and uses all of her gifts.Happy Women’s Day!
  • Woman shares uniqueness like salt. Her presence is never given attention to but her absence makes things tasteless!!! Dedicated to all the beautiful ladies on Women’s Day!!!
  • Time management, Deadline executions, and hard work are your three best qualities. You are a strong example of DETERMINATION & DEDICATION. Happy Women’s Day to you!
  • Behind every successful woman, she is herself. Happy Women’s Day!
  • God cannot be everywhere so he left his angels to nurture & care. Happy Women’s Day 2021!
  • A woman is one of the most beautiful creations of God. She is respectful as a daughter; caring as a sister; full of warmth in the form of a friend. Happy Women’s Day, special lady!!!
  • A woman is clothed in strength and dignity. She laughs without fear of the future. Happy Women’s Day!!!


We understand that just a single day won’t do justice for promoting women’s struggles and sacrifices. Even the 365-366 days aren’t enough in a year to change the ongoing situation since past decades. Many lost their lives with struggles. There are many who are suffering the same even in this advanced world. But every motive and movement start with at least drops of love and respect. Let us start spreading the love towards them and start encouraging the importance of their presence among us.

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