Key myths and Facts you need to know about Covid-19 vaccine :

  • So far Covid-19 vaccines have been dosed to more than 127 million adults across India, people have also progressed in cooking stories and fuss regarding the covid-19 vaccines.
  • The second-phase for vaccination is rightly about to start for people below 45 years up to 18, which comprises of the largest amount of young kids and youngsters in the line. Due to underlining stories up on gossips and discussions as well as social media influences, people often seeming to fear whether they need to vaccinate their children and if so, how effective it shall be.
  • Key myths and facts are therefore, discussed here to make sure you are verified with what’s right and shall be able to differentiate with what is good or bad.
  • From May 1st, the vaccination program will be extended to all above the age of 18 years (except pregnant, lactating women and children).
  • Serum Institute of India’s Covishield and Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin are in use. Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine is already approved in India that is expected for use from the month of May. Meanwhile, India is still trying hard to import vaccines from different foreign countries.
  • The development of vaccine takes several years to make it clinically-proven. Since, Covid came up so suddenly, people often get captured with doubts whether these vaccines are effective or not. Fact is, scientists, biotechnologists and many researchers had been working for years to get ready for such type of events. They may not keep ready the exact form of vaccine, but the base of a vaccine is already made. Not only this, several discussions were made across different countries among the researchers to collaboratively come up with a new innovative idea for producing even a particular type of vaccine.
  • Let’s understand how Covaxin and Covishield works. Covaxin is made of killed coronaviruses whereas, Covishield is made up of weakened version of common cold virus (adenovirus) from chimpanzees. However, both the vaccines, when injected to a human body, there is an immediate recognition of dead viruses and prepare the body in producing antibodies to fight the virus. The shots are given in two doses between four and eight weeks apart.
  • You can take your regular medications and there isn’t any instruction to avoid them before vaccination.
  • It is not necessary that humans can become completely immune after taking the two doses. Vaccines can protect humans from the dreaded severity of the pandemic virus and reduce the mortality risk, it is still unclear if it can guarantee complete immunity.
  • So far, government vaccines have been free, and private hospitals have been permitted to sell shots at a price capped at 250 rupees, or around $3. That practice will now change: Prices for state governments and private hospitals will be determined by vaccine companies. Some states might not be able to provide vaccines for free since they are paying twice as much as the federal government for the same shot, and prices at private hospitals could rise.
  • Experiencing side-effects after taking the vaccine is an indication that your immune system is responding, and this should be taken as an encouraging sign. Among the common side-effects are headache, body aches, fever and pain or inflammation at the site of the injection.
  • The vaccine has no relation with the day of the menstrual cycle and that there shouldn’t be any kind of interference in the way of following the vaccination schedule.
  • The vaccine does not cause infertility in men or women nor does it increases any chances of miscarriages.
  • The vaccines will also not affect or try to change or make any modifications in the DNA. They aren’t DNA-based vaccines and instead are actually mRNA based. They do not enter the cell nucleus, where our DNA is. They, thus, cannot modify any cell DNA.
  • Once fact is sure that humans can have vaccines and treatment for any type of diseases, but there is practically no aid for stupid minds. There is a rumor that there is some sort of microchip and tracking device of any kind in the vaccine. Fact is there is NO MICROCHIP or ANY SORT OF TRACKING DEVICE in the covid or any other type of vaccine. Vaccines are usually in a liquid form and injected to the blood through an unrepeated injection for preparing antibodies inside the human body.

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