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At times, it becomes very difficult to remember your PAN card number when needed. It is not something you tend to keep itched in your memory like a phone number. In addition, you do not carry an important document like a PAN card wherever you go. If you need your PAN card number to fill up a form, etc. you can do so by checking your PAN card number online.

How to Apply Pan Card Just for Rs 127/- Explained on YouTube:

PAN card number is very important for many financial transactions as well as needs to be furnished when one carries out TDS/TCS process. It is also required when opening a new bank account. Thus, to make sure you have your PAN card number readily available, you can use the online service of knowing your PAN by the Income Tax department.

Let us see how to know your PAN card number online.

Find Your PAN CARD Number Online

  • All you need to do is go online and search for the website that will help you know your PAN number.
  • You can click the following link and find your PAN number:
  • In the subsequent page that opens, you will find a box asking for your details.
  • Fill in the Date of Birth or Date of Incorporation (in case of company) in the DD/MM/YY format.
  • Next, fill in your Surname, then Middle Name and lastly your First Name. Make sure the name you enter matches the name on your PAN Card.
  • Fill in the Captcha code given to prove you are an authentic user.
  • Click Submit.
How to Know Your PAN Card Number

This is all you need to do to know your PAN card number instantly.

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