Lok Sabha Elections Third Phase Voter Turnout State Wise

The Lok Sabha Elections Third Phase completed successfully yesterday i.e. on 23rd of this month in 13 States and 2 Union Territories for 117 Lok Sabha Constituencies.  The Lok Sabha Elections Third phase were held in Assam, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Goa, Gujarat, Jammu & Kashmir, Karnataka, Kerala,  Maharashtra, Odisha, Tripura, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal States and in Dadra & Nagar Haveli, Daman & Diu Union Territories. The total voter turnout during the Lok Sabha Third phase election was 65.9%.

Lok Sabha Elections Phase-III Highlights2019:

  • The Highest Polling Percentage recorded was 80.8% in Assam State.
  • The Lowest Polling Percentage recorded was 12.9% in Jammu & Kashmir State.
  • The Lok Sabha General Elections Third Phase was held in 117 Lok Sabha Constituencies in 13 States & 2 Union Territories.
  • The Lok Sabha Elections were held in Gujarat State for all the 26 MP Constituencies in a single phase.  
  • The Lok Sabha Elections were held in Kerala State for all the 20 MP Constituencies in a single phase.  
  • Till now out of 543 Lok Sabha Constituencies 302 Lok Sabha Constituencies elections completed.

2019 Lok Sabha General Elections:

2019 Parliament Election Phase Date of the Parliament Election Number of States or Union Territories Phase Wise Total Number of Lok Sabha Constituencies Phase Wise
Third Phase 23/04/2019 15 117

2019 Lok Sabha Election Third Phase Polling Percentage State Wise:

States/Union Territories Lok Sabha Constituencies Voting Percentage
Assam 4 80.8%
Bihar 5 60%
Chhattisgarh 7 68.4%
Jammu & Kashmir 1 12.9%
Goa 2 74.2%
Gujarat 26 63.7%
Maharashtra 14 59.9%
Karnataka 14 67.7%
Kerala 20 73.6%
Odisha 6 62.5%
Uttar Pradesh 10 61.4%
West Bengal 5 80.5%
Dadra & Nagar Haveli 1 79.6%
Daman & Diu 1 71.8%

Lok Sabha Elections 2019 Updates:

  • As on 23/4/2019 Tuesday the Lok Sabha Elections are successfully completed in 302 MP Constituencies across the country.
  • The remaining 241 Lok Sabha Constituencies elections are scheduled in 4 phases.
  • Till now the Lok Sabha Elections were completed in 15 States and 5 union Territories.
  • In all the seven phases of Lok Sabha General Elections it was the largest phase because during the third phase the elections were held in 13 states and 2 union Territories and the total number of Lok Sabha Constituencies were 117.

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