Mudra Loan Application Form Filling Process

Filling the Mudra Yojana Application Form:

Having been founded in 2015, MUDRA Yojana scheme is determined to help small business entities and starts to gain their growth by helping them financially.  With the initiative of the Pradhan Mantri MUDRA Yojana scheme, now small business enterprises can be able to get loan facilities that are cost-effective and enable them to grow and develop fast thus boosting the economic growth of India.  When applying for the MUDRA loans, you will need to fill an application form. Knowing the kinds of details and information to enter is very important so that you speed up the application process and avoid delays. The Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana application form should be filled by following rules set by the agency in conjunction with the participating banks.

Rules for Filling Application form for Individuals:

  • When applying for the MUDRA loan, you will need to print out the form and fill it. You also have to attach your passport size photo within the upper right area or segment and make sure you sign over the photo. In Sl. No. 1A, you choose either Class 2 Gold Organization. In the case of Sl. No. 1B, you choose Signature. The candidate details or information to fill will begin from the form sections Sl. No. 4 to Sl. No. 11.
  • When filling out the name of the candidate make sure that is in line with the ID proof document that is submitted. It is compulsory to fill the sections from Sl. No. 4 to Sl. No. 11. Your PIN code, as well as a mobile number, should be provided. The individual PAN number is filled in the section Sl. No. 12. After you have filled those sections, you should attack a copy of the PAN card and another for ID proof as well as the checklist documents required. You will need to put your signature at the declaration section or part.
  • When attaching the checklist documents for organizations or businesses, you can provide proof of ID in the form of a driving license, passport, PAN card or PIN (personal identification number), or bank account passbook that has a photo verified by the bank officials. You may also attach post office ID card, photo ID card that has been issued by State Governments or Ministry of Home Affairs of Center or a picture ID issued by the government and which bears the marks of the individual owning the business or applying for the business loan.
  • A true copy of Memorandum of Association or Certificate of Incorporation or Recognized Partnership Deed need also be attached. Alternatively, you can attach a valid business license, latest income return, annual report, or latest organization details provided by a bank, or the business statement of income that is issued by Chartered Accountant. In addition, you need to attach a duplicate of the organization PAN card and an approved and signed letter coming from the declaration applicant from the organization or business.

When you have filled the form and attached the documents along with the supporting reports, you dispatch it to the Operations Group. When you abide by these rules of filling eMudhra DSC, you make the application process easy for you and your loan is likely to be approved fast.

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