New Traffic Fines, Motor Vehicle Act India 2019 on Road Rules

The motor vehicle Act which was proposed by the cabinet has been passed and the new traffic rules are implemented from 1st September 2019. According to the new Motor Vehicle Act 2019, there is a huge fine list for the traffic violations. The major changes which were made in the 2019 Motor Vehicle Act is the Government of India is going to charge a fine of Rs 10,000/- who don’t give way to the ambulance and a fine of Rs 20,000/- for overloading.

The new Motor Vehicle Act also includes huge fines and License suspension for the offences like drunken driving, over speeding, dangerous driving, over loading, not giving way to an emergency vehicle etc. The new Motor vehicle which was proposed has been passed in the Parliament recently and the Government of India is going to implement the new Traffic Act from 1st September 2019 and the raised the fines from 5 to 10 times and also planning for imprisonment.

In case of Minors, If any minor attempts accident then the complete responsibility will be their parents and if the minors caught driving any sort of vehicle which they are not permitted to drive then the Government will charge up to Rs 25,000/- fine, besides the fine, the vehicle registration will be ceased for 1 year and the minors will be prosecuted according to the juvenal justice Act.

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According to the New Motor Vehicle Act India 2019, one must follow all the Traffic rules if anyone violates the traffic rules depending on the type of violation fines are implied and in some cases License will be suspended and the vehicle registration will be ceased. Here are the new fines list.

  • Rs 10,000/- for not giving way to emergency vehicles
  • Rs 20,000/- for over loading
  • Rs 10,000/- for Drunken drive
  • Rs 10,000/- driving despite of disqualification
  • Rs 5,000/- driving without License
  • Rs 5,000/- talking on phone while driving
  • Rs 5000/- for over speeding
  • Rs 5000/- for jumping Traffic lines
  • Rs 5000/- for overtaking in wrong root
  • Rs 1000/- for not wearing seat belt
  • Rs 1000/- for not wearing Helmet + 3 months License suspension
  • Rs 2000/- for driving without vehicle Insurance
  • Rs 2000/- for disobedience of authorities

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