PMAY Noble Scheme of India

The Noblest Scheme Introduced by the Government of India:

In the past few decades, the population of India has grown at a large speed. As a result of that, we face fierce competition in our daily life. Many people in this country cannot afford the primary requirements of life, food, clothes, and shelter. Whenever a government comes in power, they always try to alleviate the poverty. In 2015 Narendra Modi launched a noble scheme to provide a cost-effective accommodation to all the citizens of the country. Though the agenda of this scheme is ‘house for all by 2022’, the main target is the economically weaker section of the society. In this project, the Government is going to transform the unhygienic slums into liveable and hygienic accommodations with the help of private developers. The government is also offering a credit linked subsidy to any one of the economically backward section if he or she takes a loan to build a house or upgrade an existing house.

Applying for PMAY (Rural)?

There are two major components of this scheme, one is PMAY (Rural) which targets to provide houses to the deprived people of the rural areas and the other one is PMAY (Urban) which focuses on providing the urban poor a hygienic residence. This project has gained a momentum in both the rural and urban areas. Numerous people are being benefited and numerous houses are being built under this scheme. To avail the benefits of this scheme, at first, you have to apply for this scheme. The applications of this scheme will undergo a rigorous checking procedure and the eligible candidates will be selected only according to the socio-economic and caste Census of 2011. The homeless people and the people who do not have a pucca house will get the first preference. The government will prepare a list of most eligible candidates and update the list regularly. If you are from the rural area and want to be benefited from this scheme, you must contact the concerned authorities of the Gram Sabha.

How to Submit PMAY (Rural) Application?

You have to follow certain steps to apply for this scheme. First of all, you have to be sure that you are eligible for applying to this scheme. If you are eligible, you have to go to the Government portal of PMAY. There you will find an option called ‘citizen portal’. You have to select that option. There you will see two options, ‘Benefits under three components’ and ‘For slum dwellers’. If you are a slum dweller, you must select the second option and if you are not, select the first option. After selecting the right option, you will see the PMAY application form. In the first page of that application form, you will be asked to enter your aadhar number. After that, the aadhar number will be verified and you will be directed to the second page of the form. On that page, you have to put some of your personal information. Then you have to enter the Captcha code and select the ‘save and print’ button.

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