RTO Services Through Selfie in Telangana Soon

There are 60 different type of services which are provided by the RTO Telangana out of these 60 services 59 services are available through online though a thousands of people are visiting RTO’s daily for availing different services. To avoid the rush and the corruption completely the Transport department is planning to accept the photos which are taken by the applicant through his mobile camera.

As we all know the Government of Telangana providing online RTO services, the Transport department is planning to use the T App Folio to supress the number of people coming to the RTO on daily basis. While taking a driving license or while renewing or while vehicle registration etc we need to visit the RTO to take the photo, to avoid this the Transport department is planning to accept the photos taken by the applicant through phone by using the T APP Folio.

Initially the Transport department of Telangana is planning to provide 30 different services related to driving license & vehicle registration in the first phase later to add the remaining 29 services in the second phase.

How to Upload a selfie through T APP Folio for RTO Services?

First you need to download the T APP Folio on your smartphone, then take a selfie by using the App’s camera and upload the photo along with the application form. The App won’t allow the stock photos or the ones taken by you, to upload the photo you have to take the selfie by using the T APP Folio. If everything matches with your Aadhar and voter id photos then it will accept and your application will be accepted.

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