Section 8 Housing Application How to Apply Eligibility List

What is Section 8 Housing?

Section 8 Housing or Section 8 of the Housing Act 1937, the section 8 enables the millions of low income households in US to avail vouchers worth of approximately 70% of their house rent and utilities. According to the Section 8 ACT the Government of US must provide rental assistance in the form of vouchers or must pay a major portion of the monthly rent and utilities for the low income households in US. The HUD – Department of Housing & Urban Development  on Government behalf governs the Section8 program where as the Section8 is administered by the Public Housing Agencies(PHA’s).

Who Determines the Section8 Housing Eligibility?

Public Housing Agencies are found in all the 50 States across the country. The PHA’s are responsible to determine the eligibility of the beneficiary basing on the annual income and the size of the family. Depending on the State and the City and County these eligibility criteria may vary but the basic eligibility criteria is the ones whose family income is below 50% median income those are eligible to apply for the Section8 housing program.

How to Apply & How it Works?

Once after applying for the Section8 housing program at the Public Housing Agencies the PHA’s determines the eligibility, if the applicant qualifies then the eligible family receives the Section8 voucher. There are two options to choose the home first one is the PHA’s provides the available vacant section8 houses or you can search for the house on your own.

Section 8 Housing Eligibility:

Basically the Federal Government of US offers this Section8 Housing Program to the low income households in the US. The eligibility conditions may vary State to State but the basic eligibility condition is the family income must be below 50% median income.

Section 8 Housing for Rent:

The Department of Housing & Urban Development through Public Housing Agencies issues the Section8 housing list. The list contains the beneficiary names who are eligible for the housing rental assistance. Once you name is short listed in the section8 housing list you can search the house on your own or you can choose the house suggested by the VHA’s.

Section 8 Housing List:

Because of the huge demand for the section 8 housing the housing list may take time. The PHA’s close the housing list once they reach the requirement and sometimes it may take even years to get the name in the section 8 housing list.

Section8 Housing Documents Required:

  • Completely filled section 8 housing application form
  • Photo ID of each adult present in the family
  • Birth Certificates of all the family members
  • Social Security Cards of all the family members
  • Proof of Income
  • Personal References Form
  • Child care expenses
  • Food stamp verification letter
  • Bank Statements of last 90 days

Documents Required for Section8 Housing Preferences:

If you fall under the below mentioned categories then you must provide the necessary documents that proves the preference.

For involuntarily displaced preference:

It includes natural disaster, eminent domain, witness protection, domestic violence, and youth aging out for the foster care.

Working Family Preference:

It includes Employment, and Disability

Homeless Preference or Veteran Preference:

It includes Homeless, and Veteran

Education/ Training Preference:

It includes education and training.

Section 8 Housing Application Form:

Section 8 Housing application is available on the Department of Housing & Urban Development official website or you can get from the nearest Public Housing Agency.

Section 8 Housing Application Download PDF:

Section 8 Housing Application Sample Form PDF:

How to Apply for Section8 Housing?

  • Download the application form.
  • Fill the application form completely because incomplete application will not be accepted.
  • Attach the necessary documents mentioned in the documents list.
  • If applicable attach the preferences proof document proof.
  • Submit the completely filled Section8 application form along with the supporting documents at your Public Housing Agency office.

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