Sikkim Assembly Election Results 2019

Lok Sabha Election Exit Polls 2019                                    Sikkim Assembly Election Exit Polls 2019

Legislative Assembly Election Results Sikkim 2019:

The Elections for the AP Legislative Assembly completed on Thursday 11th of April 2019. Along with the Lok Sabha General elections the Election Commission of India scheduled the Legislative Assembly elections in Sikkim State. Both the Lok Sabha Elections and the Assembly Elections were held on the same day in a single phase on 11th April 2019. The Lok Sabha Elections held for 1 Lok Sabha Constituency and the Legislative Assembly elections were held for 32 MLA Constituencies in Sikkim State. The ECI of India has scheduled the Lok Sabha General Election Results and the Legislative Assembly Election Results of Sikkim on 23rd May so the Sikkim Assembly election results will be declared on Thursday 23rd May 2019.

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2019 Sikkim Vidhan Sabha Election Results Constituency Wise:

Assembly Constituency Number Sikkim Assembly Constituency Elected Candidate/ Party
1 Yoksam- Tashiding (BL)  
2 Yangthang  
3 Maneybong Dentam  
4 Gyalshing Barnyak  
5 Rinchenpong (BL)  
6 Daramdin (BL)  
7 Soreng Chakung  
8 Salghari Zoom (SC)  
9 Barfung (BL)  
10 Poklok Kamrang  
11 Namchi Singhithang  
12 Melli  
13 Namthang Rateypani  
14 Temi Namphing  
15 Rangang Yangang  
16 Tumin Lingee (BL)  
17 Khamdong Singtam  
18 West Pendam (SC)  
19 Rhenock  
20 Chujachen  
21 Gnathang Machong (BL)  
22 Namchaybong  
23 Shyari (BL)  
24 Martam Rumtek (BL)  
25 Upper Tadong  
26 Arithang  
27 Gangtok (BL)  
28 Upper Burtuk  
29 Kabi Lungchuk (BL)  
30 Djongu (BL)  
31 Lachen Mangan (BL)  
32 Sangha  

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