Technology Advantages & Types of Technology

What Is Technology?

The word “technology” may appear something that is associated with science or electricity, and although that may be true, there is more to it that we think. When you look at the simple things we do today, they are based on technology. So what’s technology?  Technology simply refers to use of science-based knowledge to get a solution to something or for practical applications and purposes. It may be the everyday activity or something in the industry.  Whenever we use scientific knowledge to achieve something we want, then it means we are using technology.  Technology mostly involves the use of equipment that may be simple or even complex. For example, the discovery of the wheel and the computers are good examples of technology.  There are many types of technology including levers, belts, engines, cams, wheels, and so forth.

Types of Technology:

Because technology can be simple or even complex, depending on the equipment, you find that it will be something as simple as the wheel or as complex as the smartphones.

Mechanical technology:

This involves things like belts, gears, cams, levers, and wheels. Things that allow motion or turn in one direction to bring about a different kind of motion may be referred to be mechanical. You have seen the wheel and of course, it is a simple piece of technology, but it’s one of the most crucial technological advancements we have had today.

Electronic technology:

This is the type of technology we are much familiar with today. Electronics apply a complex mode of technology that utilizes electrical circuits to attain its purpose or goal. The circuits vary in complexity. When you look at the circuit board, there are dozens of random pathways and components that work together to allow the equipment function. Electronic technology may include devices like washing machines, car radios, computers, and dryers.

Industrial technology:

Manufacturing is intended to produce products on large scale. For example, the machines used to generate electricity and make cars fall under manufacturing or industrial technology. Mechanical robots, for example, are a form of industrial or manufacturing technology and they are used to make things like cars.

Medical technology:

In the medical field, technology is used to help in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases. Devices that utilize medical technology are such as MRI scanners or imaging machines like ultrasound device. Others are such as ventilators that help people breathe. Drugs themselves are also part of the medical technology and they help people get better from an illness.

Advantages of Technology:

  • One of the benefits of using technology is that it increases productivity.
  • It helps people and businesses to automate tasks and processes thus allowing for increased efficiency and productivity.
  • It also helps gain a competitive advantage in that when businesses invest in technology, they reduce wastes, enhance customer services, and reduce costs.
  • In addition, technology saves time, improves sharing of information, accelerates innovation, and allows the growth of businesses.
  • Depending on where technology is applied, its advantages are many and different. For example, when it’s used in hospitals it helps improve treatment and increases the chances of patient healing.
  • It also helps detect diseases that could otherwise have remained undetected thus resulting in complications or even death.

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