Telangana HC asks sub-registrar to respond on land registration:

  • Kukatpally land dispute over 74 acres of land reaches High Court for the second time. The first time the dispute reached the court last year in 2020.
  • The contempt case was filed by the GPA holder of Pilli Mallaiah and Aditya Constructions against Prime Properties with a submission that the farmers will lose their rights if the registration of the land has not been cancelled.
  • The 74-acre land was supposed to claim an ownership over 1500 acres of land in survey numbers 806, 1007, 1009, 1043 to 1065.
  • To this, Telangana High Court Justice MS Ramachandra Rao questioned the sub-registrar of Kukatpally through a legal notice asking to explain why he permitted the registration over that same 74 acres land near Hi-Tech City area and lodge a deal with a third-party called Prime Properties as well as its allies despite the prohibition from Telangana High Court.
  • The prohibition upon that land was stamped last year when a dispute took place over that property.
  • The land was actually registered into a development agreement with native farmer and not for any commercial purposes.
  • The single judge last year had passed an interim order prohibiting the registration department from registering any part of the land in favor of Prime Properties or its associates in survey No. 1007.
  • The verdict made last year also subjected M/s Prime Properties to the Indian Registration Act, 1908, and Indian Stamps Act, 1899. The bench of Chief Justices who made the verdict were Raghavendra Singh Chauhan and A. Abhishek Reddy respectively.
  • Following the decision, Prime Properties had submitted an affidavit stating that the land will not be handed over to any third party, but went astray from the agreement and went further to make a deal with its many allies and third parties over that land officially meant for farmers. It also said that it will maintain status quo until the court passes further orders of on the issue.
  • Appearing for the petitioner, counsel KS Murthy told the court that despite the interim order, the registration officials allowed registration of two sale deeds over the land and expressed an apprehension that they may now resort to change the nature of the land and transfer it to third parties.
  • Senior counsel Satish Parasaran assured the court that they will not transfer the land to third parties and that they will not change the nature of the land till the court decides the issue.
  • The High Court recorded the undertaking of Prime Properties and directed Registration of Kukatpally to file an affidavit for allowing registrations on the said property.
  • The case shall be adjourned by the state High Court on 9th of June, 2021, following further decisions that may possibly include a hefty penalty charge upon Prime Properties for violating the regulation of High Court.

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