Telangana Panchayat Elections Second Phase Updates

The Election Commission of Telangana State has declared the unanimously elected Gram Panchayats in the first phase. The Telangana State Panchayat elections first phase includes 4,479 Gram Panchayats out of these 4,479 Panchayats 769 Gram Panchayats have unanimously elected along with 10,654 ward members. 9 Gram Panchayats along with 192 wards are not having elections because of no nominations or invalid nominations. The remaining 3,701 Gram Panchayats will have elections on 25th of this month. For the first Phase Panchayat elections, 12,202 candidates are contesting for 3,701 Sarpanch posts whereas 70,094 candidates are contesting for the remaining 28,976 wards.

The Nomination process for the Telangana second Phase Panchayat Elections are completed on 13th of this month. The second Phase Panchayat elections will be held for 4,135 Gram Panchayats which includes 36,602 wards in 172 Mandals. For the 4,135 Gram Panchayats there were 25,419 Nominations for the Sarpanch seats and 91,458 Nominations for 36,602 wards.

The Telangana State Panchayat Elections second phase nominations were started on 11th January 2019 and the last date for Nominations was completed on 13th January 2019. Today the scrutiny of nominations has been started and the election commission has given chance to withdraw nominations till tomorrow i.e. 17th of this month i.e. on Thursday.

The second Phase Gram Panchayat elections polling will be on 25th of this month i.e. on Friday. The polling, counting process and results for the Telangana second Phase Gram Panchayat elections will be declared on the same day i.e. 25/01/2019.

Telangana Panchayat Elections Second Phase Polling Date:

Total Panchayats: 4,135

Total Wards: 36,602

Total Mandals: 172

Total Nominations for Sarpanch: 25,419

Total Nominations for Ward members: 91,458

Voting/Polling /Election day – 25/01/2019 – Monday

Election Counting – 25/01/2019 – Monday

Election Results– 25/01/2019 – Monday

Deputy Sarpanch Election– 25/01/2019 – Monday

Telangana Third Phase Gram Panchayat Elections:

The Telangana third Phase Panchayat Elections scheduled started today i.e. Wednesday 16/01/2019. The Nominations for the 4,115 Gram Panchayats started today and the last date for the nomination is on 18th of this month i.e. Friday. The scrutiny of nominations will be on 19/01/2019 and the last for withdrawing the nominations will be on 22/01/2019 i.e. Tuesday and the polling day for these 4,115 Gram Pnachayats is on 30/01/2019.

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