UAN – Universal Account Number

About Universal Account Number:

Abbreviated as UAN, Universal Account Number is crucial when you want to access your Employee Provident Fund (EPF) account or check the balance and withdraw your money. Since the EPF services are now being offered online, when you have the UAN, it makes the process easy. You can access the EPF and enjoy the services online without needing the help of your employer. It is also easy for you to apply for the Provident Fund (PF) loans.

Unique Account Number: What is it?

UAN that stands for Universal Account Number comprises a 12-digit number that is allocated to every member or employee that contributes to the Employee Provident Fund (EPF). The UAN of a worker or employee remains the same; it doesn’t change even when the employee changes their job.  When an employee changes their job, the Employee Provident Fund Organization issues them with a new member identification number that is, in turn, linked to the UAN of the new employer.  An employee can request for the new identity number by sending the UAN to their new employer. A new member ID will be created and it is then linked to the UAN of the worker or employee.  This means that an employee will have different ID’s being generated every time they change their job, however, their UAN will remain unchanged.

How Does an Employee Know Their UAN?

There are different ways you can know your UAN.

  • You can know your UAN by asking your employer. Some employers tend to print the UAN on the employee’s salary slips that make it easy for employees to know their UAN.
  • You can use the UAN portal to find your UAN using the Provident Fund member ID. You need to go to the UAN portal on this address: then tap the icon that says “Know your UAN Status.” After selecting your state as well as Employee Provident Fund Organization office within the drop-down menu, you enter your PF member ID and all other details asked, for example, your date of birth, name, mobile number, and the captcha code to ensure you aren’t a robot.
  • You go to “Get Authorization PIN.” An authorization PIN is generated and sent to your mobile number. When you enter the PIN, you tap the section “Validate OTP and get UAN.” Your UAN is sent to your phone number.

Activating and Logging in to EPFO with UAN:

 If you want to activate your UAN, you need to have the UAN along with the PF member ID. The steps are as follows:

  1. Visit the EPFO homepage at and then go to the section “For Employees” and tap “Our Services”
  2. In the services sections, tap on “Member UAN/Online Services”, you will be taken to the UAN portal
  3. In the portal, you enter your UAN, phone number/mobile number, and your PF member ID. You also enter the captcha characters. After that tap “Get Authorization PIN” and it will be sent to your mobile phone. Under the disclaimer, checkbox indicates “I agree” and then enter the OTP that was sent to your phone number. Now tap on “Validate OTP and Activate UAN” Once the activation is done, a password is sent to the mobile number that allows you to access your account. In case you want to change the password, you can do that after you have logged into the UAN portal using the password and your UAN.

What are the Features and Benefits of UAN?

 UAN is used to have a centralized employee data within the country

  • It eases the process of verifying employees in companies and also verifying employers by the EPF organization
  • It allows the EPF organization to get the bank account details of the employee and know their customers (KYC) without needing the assistance of employers. It also allows for easy tracking of job switches of employees by EPF organization
  • UAN has reduced untimely and early withdrawals of EPF by members.

UAN Benefits to Employees:

  • It allows an employee to have their new PF accounts with new jobs being placed under a unified account
  • With UAN, an employee can easily withdraw partially or fully their funds online
  • Employees are able to transfer their PF balance from their old accounts to their new accounts with use of UAN. This can happen when they switch employers and get new PF accounts.
  • Employees can download their PF statement instantly whenever they need it, for example, for loan security or for visa purpose by logging in to the website or by sending an SMS
  • If the UAN is verified by Aadhaar or KYC, there is no need for employers to verify the profile of the employees
  • With the UAN, employers can’t withhold or access employees’ PF money
  • An employee can easily check whether their employer is remitting the contributions to their account

What Documents are Needed to Open UAN?

 For those who have just gotten their first job or they have joined for the first time a registered company, they need to have the UAN. These documents are required to open the Unique Account Number:

  • Bank account information including account number, branch, and IFSC code.
  • ID proof like national ID card, photos, driving license, voter ID, passport, SSLC book, and Aadhaar.
  • Proof of address, for example, a recent utility bill.
  • PAN card so that the PAN number is linked to UAN.
  • Aadhaar card because Aadhaar is linked to the mobile number and bank account.
  • ESIC card.

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