Vehicle Registration

Various Details regarding the Vehicle Registration in India

Motor Vehicle registration is mandatory for all vehicles in India. The registration should be with government of India. There are many purposes to make the registration of vehicle in India. The main reason is the link is established between the vehicle and the person who is the owner of the vehicle to maintain the taxation and to detect the criminal authenticity. Every unique vehicle should have the unique identification number to identify the specific vehicle. Every vehicle should have the vehicle registration Plate and the vehicle registration certificate. It is totally different from the license of the vehicle.

Every country has their own rules and regulations for vehicle registration.

In India, every vehicle is being registered by the RTO (Regional Transport Office). The commercial vehicles does not have the permission to enter into other state without valid permit, it incurs a cost to enter from one state to another. The passenger’s vehicles can go through another state without any permission but they have certain time limit to be there until and unless the road tax is being paid by the user depends upon the certain transport rules of the state.

The registration numbers of vehicles have mainly 4 parts.

  1. The first 2 letters signifies the state or territory where the vehicle is being registered.
  2. The second set of 2 digits signifies the sequence number of districts. Due to large volume of vehicle registration, these 2 digits are being provided by the local RTO office.
  3. The third part is the 4 digit numbers are unique for each vehicle. One letter usually prefixed with the numbers.
  4. The last part of the registration is international Oval ‘IND’. One hologram of Chakra is present over there.

In some states like Bihar, Delhi, Gujrat , the initial zero is deleted so that the number comes like GJ5 not GJ05, DL2 not DL02 like that.

The nodal ministry has framed their strict guidelines and restricts some rules for the high security number plates. These strict rules will bring a big change in the vehicle registration process in India.

Since one state consists of many districts, so that this vehicle registration process is the responsibility of the respective districts. A vehicle should be registered in the district from where the vehicle is bought; it should not be registered under the owner’s place of residence. If the owner shifts from one place to another, then officials used to insist to change number plates, but it is under owner’s jurisdiction.

Military vehicles have unique system of numbers. These numbers are being registered under the ministry of defense in New Delhi. The 3rd or 1st character is upward arrow. The next 2digits denotes the year of purchasing the vehicle by military. Then the 4 digit serial number comes preceded by base code. At last the letter indicates the class of the vehicle. For example, ↑10A123456W.Some other vehicle registration details are therefore public transports like buses, auto rickshaws. Basically the organization which owns the public transport is being registered and the number is being printed at the side part of the vehicle.

The Most Important Things You Need to Know About RTO Vehicle Information

In India, there are thousands of reports for lost vehicles are being logged on a regular basis. There are some cases where the vehicle was stolen and it has been seen in other states after that. India holds the 5th largest passenger car market. Therefore it could be hectic to find a stolen car if the car is not registered from the RTO office. RTO office keeps a centralized database in India. So it is very important to register your car after it has been purchased. Here is a guide on getting the RTO vehicle information.

Purchasing the Registration:

If you purchase an unregistered car you won’t be able to use it, as the latest technology helps the Indian police to check whether your car is registered or not. RTO registration can be beneficial because if your car has been stolen then the police easily track down the car even if the car is situated in another state. RTO office helps Indian police to inform about the car with their centralized database if the car is registered properly.

  • For tracing registered cars Indian government comes with some easy steps. If the steps are followed properly the car can be traced without taking much time. It is the same process which helps the Indian police for tracing the unregistered cars.
  • It is always preferable decision to buy a new car as it provides a certain time for registration. You can drive the car from the showroom to your resident. But if you take your car as soon as you purchase it, you won’t be provided with any insurance of the damage if it is caused before the registration of the car.

When it comes to buying car from a dealer it could be risky if you don’t verify the car that you might be interested in. It is important to verify before buying a used or second-hand car as the car could be involved with certain offensive works or in breaking the law in past.

The Costing:

These can cost you with increased automobile insurance rate. With the help of RTO, you can buy a risky free vehicle for you. It is a very easy to trace the details about the previous owner of the car for that you just have to SMS on a number. You just have to SMS- VAHAN (space) vehicle number to 77382 99899.  For example: if the vehicle number is WB02A027 then you just have to send the SMS as- VAHAN WB02A027 to 7738299899. From the above process, you can have the previous owners name, ownership serial number (1 comes for the first owners, 2 for second owners, 3 for the third owner).

If you have the detailed car registration number it would be much easier to get the FOP details from the local agents. You can contact the RTO local agent to get the FOP form by paying a charge of only Rs 20 on the basis of the car registration number.

If you owning a long-lapsed registered car you might need an assistance of a lawyer who knows the ins and outs of the traffic laws. If you have bought a car which has contested a crime in past without your knowledge you can get the help of an authorized agent of the RTO office for legalizing the car in right way.

Vehicle Details by Number Plate

As a driver, it is your obligation to ensure that the auto you are driving is enlisted – regardless of the possibility that it’s not your vehicle. In case you’re discovered driving an auto which isn’t enrolled then you could be at risk for huge fines, loss of negative mark focuses or even loss of license.

From a case including a woman who was left surprised in an auto stop in the wake of strolling towards her auto just to locate an identical auto with an identical registration alongside it, to a Staffordshire inhabitant whose auto was as far as anyone knows checked speeding in London while they were sleeping 200 miles north, vehicle details by number plate tricks are on the expansion.

The measurements

Truth be told, research distributed the previous spring found that 1 of every 12 of the 37 million vehicles on our streets here in the UK are assessed to wear either cloned license plates, or plates that have been doctored somehow for corrupt purposes, for example, driving off without paying for fuel – or furnished theft in outrageous cases.

Auto history checks

Customized registration plates were previously the safeguard of the rich and well known – they are as yet famous with big names. Notwithstanding, they are presently considerably more achievable, with everybody from kid racers to organization administrators brandishing particular vehicle details by number plate.

So exactly how reasonable are customized number plates, how might you get one, what are the costs included and do they influence your auto protection?

What do customized number plates cost?

The cost of a customized plate depends to a great extent on how plainly it spells an alluring name. For instance, 51NGH, spelling an extremely famous Asian surname, went for over a fourth of a million pounds at sell off in 2006. Individual number plates that are more subtle, for example, your initials, go for far less. The DVLA site records customized plates from as meager as £250, including the exchange expense, with new 63 plate registrations beginning at £399.

You’re Options for the Best Vehicle Registration Check

An unregistered car that is running on the road can be the criminal offense. Police use the wireless connection for instant verifications of the registration of the car no. therefore it is an impossible for unregistered cars to get away from the eyes of the police. It can cost you thousands for using an unregistered car. Though drivers can defend themselves if they prove that they didn’t know about the car is registered or not. But it could be hectic for the car owners. So, how to know the car that you are buying whether from a dealer or from a personal car owner is registered or not? As you can get information that thousands of cars are being sold without proper registration which as a result implements the buyers to invest lots of money in the car, stress and even after that they can lose their cars.

The Steps:

  • While choosing a car you get lots of information about the car as your long as you know what you are looking for. For getting information about the cars previous history you just have to focus on justified quarries.
  • Only getting informed about the car cannot solve all your problems as even the motor specialist could get fooled when it comes to buying a legal car. The only solution for these problems is to go for a vehicle registration check.
  • A car registration check can give you all about the car that you are willing to buy. It is impossible to know all whereabouts of the car by just looking at it. Even the seller of the car didn’t know about the previous history of the car and could sell you the car with all innocence.
  • A car registration is done by the government. It is the government who provides numbers of a registered car this process takes time but the ones it is done, it is permanent as long as the vehicle is on the road.
  • The registered car also needs to renew its vehicle registration after a certain period of time. A certain validity time is provided by the authorities on the registration.

Last Words

Unfortunately, some stolen cars are being sold or bought without providing proper information. A registration check will prevent you to investing unnecessarily and help you for getting a legalized car. There are cases like cloning of a car and cars with the dispute as well, which will end up with costing you thousand repairing the vehicle and even getting engaged with police for having a stolen car.

Details for the Registration of Vehicles

Vehicle Registration is the process of recording the motor vehicle in the official book of records after proper verification has been made. This is very much essential in the eyes of law and is required for the purpose of proving the ownership of the specified vehicle. Registrations of vehicles are again required at the time of selling the same or during the time of transferring ownership. With the online vehicle registration details the options are there.

How To Do The Vehicle Registration

Registration of a vehicle can be simply done by downloading some of the important forms available online. After downloading, these forms need to be properly filled up. The entire procedure is a lengthy one and the buyer has to follow the steps for obtaining the same.  You can get the forms from The list goes as follows:

  • Filling up of Form 20.
  • Filling up of Form 21. Form 21 is the sale certificate which is issued by the seller to the buyer.
  • Form 22 is the pollution certificate that the buyer can obtain from pollution controlling board.
  • Form 34 which is to be signed by the financer and the owner of the vehicle.
  • Documents which serve as address proof. For this purpose, the buyer may furnish documents like the electric bill, phone bill, aadhar card, etc.
  • Obtaining the insurance certificate from the Insurance Company. This certificate must be valid in nature.
  • The temporary registration certificate to be furnished or if there is any other related document.
  • In the case of commercial vehicles or transport vehicles, the garages address proof to be furnished.
  • In case of commercial vehicles, the offer letter needs to be produced.
  • The requisite tax and the fee to be deposited at the cash counters and the receipt for the same to be collected by the owner.
  • Finally, the certificate of registration can be collected from the office.

Searching the Owner of the Vehicle with the Registration Details

The work for the same is being carried out so that the authorities can get hold of the illegal vehicles or the vehicles that are being used for illegal and offensive purposes even if the driver has run away or they are being used in any other state. With the help of this centralized database, it will also become easy for the authorities to get hold of the owner if his vehicle is being used for some illegal purposes or has been a part of any crime or offense.

Tracing out the name of the owner from the registration number of the car

With the technological advancements and the various modes of help extended by the Government of India, it has now become extremely easy to trace out a vehicle’s details and the name of the owner. One now is also able to track down the registration number of an individual vehicle and can also get the expiry date of the vehicle’s Fitness Certificate. The vehicle owner search by registration happens to be there also.

One will just have to use his mobile to send an SMS in the exact format described below:


One will have to type this text and send it to the number – 7738299899

For example, if any vehicle has the registration number of DL5CA0078, then one will have to send a text message typing: VAHAN DL5C0078 and send it to 7738299899.

You can also do it instantly from the link of Here you can directly enter the details of the car registration number for getting the necessary details. You can also get the paid searches here.

It is extremely important to note that there should be no space while entering the registration number of the vehicle and do not forget to give a space after entering VAAHAN. Note that all the letters should be entered in the capital.

Importance of the Service

The above-mentioned service provided by the Government of India is extremely as now one can trace down a vehicle with the needed details along with the name of the owner in a hassle-free manner from the centralized database of the RTO offices all across India. It can be now done instantly with a single SMS from an individual’s mobile.

If one is presently running a transportation agency or any other business of transport or owns any other individual cars or vehicles should make sure that all their vehicles have been registered under the Transport Department under the Government of India. For every registration and record, one has to pay the needed fees. One can download the application form for registering his own vehicle from the link:

It is extremely important to register the vehicles with the Government of India so that a link is created for a vehicle, its owner and the Government of the State. This link is mandatory as it helps in taxation and the purposes for detection of crime. Every registered vehicle displays a plate displaying the registration number of the vehicle. The registration certificate of a vehicle is one of the most important documents that should be obtained by the vehicle owner from the RTO office. Most of the number plates in all the Indian vehicles are mostly placed at the front side or the backend of cars and vehicles.

Great Deals with Effective Options of Vehicle Owner Detail Tracking

In India, it is very important to have a car registered from the RTO office. Huge number of cars is being stolen or being lost on a regular basis now. Therefore to keep a centralized database of cars RTO offices is being made. With a centralized database of RTO offices lost the car or stolen cars are easily tracking down by the officials. In order to get all these facility and benefits, it is necessary to register your car from an RTO office. It provides precaution for your car if it is stolen or lost.

When you register your car from an RTO office they keep all the useful data of the owner. The condition of the car is also checked if you register your car from RTO office. India holds the 5th largest passenger car market in the world, so it is would be beneficial if you register your car from RTO office.

Proper Registration:

When it comes to properly registering your car, it could be a very easy process for you. You should always check the details of the charges for the car registration. Sometimes the car dealer or broker charges extra amount for registration of the car. If the new cars document checklist is unknown it could be hectic work for registering the car. You should take the document of the car before the car delivery for saving your time and to avoid any complication on car registration. Some documents of the car are mandatory for registration of your car.

Car Insurance:

It is quite hectic work for eligible your car for the insurance, but if your registration vehicle owner details is complete you have to provide a copy of insurance certificate to RTO office as soon as you get it. An insurance certificate is taken by the RTO office for the car registration. If the car is has been financed by the finance company or bank you have to submit form 34. It helps to complete the procedure for providing the registration number of the car faster. Form 34 requires stamp and sign of the Financing Company or bank from which the car has been financed. For the filling the form 34 you can take the guidance of the dealer.

Address proof and Id is also important for registration of your car. Self-attested valid id along with pan card needs to be submitted to RTO office.

If the car that you brought in one state and you want to register it on another state you just have to provide sales tax clearance certificate and a NOC certificate which will be provided by the dealer and you just have to submit it.

How to trace Vehicle number with Owner Details:

In Automobile industry India became 5th largest hub now. The market became so huge so that it can procure the largest market of car. The Regional Transport Offices used to make the centralized database-system of the registered vehicles throughout India. In this case it will be much easier to track any of the cars whether it is driven in separate state.

VIN or Vehicle Identification Number is a unique set of numbers used to assign to every vehicle in India.

We can identify one vehicle by its Owner name and the expiry date of the fitness certificate issued by the RTO office.

Some specific format is there to send the SMS

like <VAHAN><SPACE><VEHICLE NUMBER> to 77382 99899.

If the registration number of the vehicle is DL6PQ0005, then the owner should send the SMS as VAHAN DL6PQ0005 and send it to 77382 99899. Within 5 minutes, owner will get SMS from DZ-VAHAN.

This document has 2columns Registration Series and Registration Zone/City. After downloading the file, only we have to use control function CTRL+F in the key board. The search format is like MH-02, DL-6. Basically the 1st 2characters are state and the 2nd 2characters are the numeric digit of the state.

Another method to trace vehicle is FOP for the address of the owner. FOP stands for the Form of Particulars. It contains the information about the owner of the car of the registered motor. It has some parameters like Owner name, Owner Address, if any loan availed by the owner or not. If any loan is there then it should contain the information of the bank from where the owner has taken the loan and all the details relevant to that. To trace vehicle number with owner name and address this is the best option now.

Tracking Car Information Made Easy With The Help Of Technology And Enhanced Support

In India the market of cars and other vehicles is growing very rapidly and at a very steady and progressive manner. The GDP has increased considerably and more number of people can afford a small car if they chalk proper plans and let their financial decisions not go astray. And due to the sudden emergence of the financial services and products buying a car is not a problem at all; the banks and the other financial institutions are always there to help the customers to avail the best possible loan for buying the dream car. To enhance the security measures the government has directed the concerned bodies to check for proper and authentic documents of the license applicants and to go thoroughly through the paper works of the customers who is purchasing new a new car or vehicle. All of these have made tracking a particular car or any vehicle extremely easy. There are many Vehicle number trackeravailable over the internet. And the government has made official portals which acts as a potential Vehicle number tracker.

The reasons to strengthen the security measures

The acts of terrorism are taking place all over the globe. There are practically no way by which the government of any place can claim themselves safe from everything. And these strong and faultless security measures help to reduce the risk of any form of nuisance. Practically, with the help of a car’s number, the owner and the address and the model of the car can be known and traced down by just clicking some buttons on the above mentioned government portals. Sometimes for the government official it becomes extremely important to gather information about particular person or the a specific vehicle, and one can always use the Vehicle number tracker to get hold of the information regarding the vehicle and the address of the owner and his or her name. The RTO of this country has a centralized database from which information regarding any particular car can be tracked. This was mainly done to track the offensive drivers who quite often tend to run away to another state. The state government has a direct access to this database, and this is a proven help for the state police forces.  Even the common people can access the information from the website at any time and at any place. Vehicle number tracker,is used by people according to their particular needs and requirements.

The different ways of tracking vehicle’s number and other sources to gather information

The advancement of technology has made many things possible, and nowadays people rely a great deal on the internet. And the Vehicle number tracker,can only be used with a proper internet connection to find the required information. And in a world that we live in a centralized database is always required to ward off many crimes and can help to nip the miscreants in their very buds.  And due to the advancement of technology tracking a car or a number of a car has become quite easy almost a child’s play. Most of the cars nowadays come with the pre-installed GPS device; this device helps to track the location of a car or a vehicle. The movements of the vehicle can be tracked through these devices, and it is much easier and very precise. With the help of these devices the real time location of any car be traced in no time.