Voter Id Form 6 Application for inclusion of name

Voter Id Form 6 Application for inclusion of name in Electoral Roll, Form 6 is an application form which is used to apply Voter id in India. The Election Commission of India provides these Form 6 Application forms. By using this Form 6 application anyone who has attained the age of 18 years can apply for Voter ID in India. Through this article we are providing Form 6 Application form you can download it if you are wondering to apply for one. The Election Commission of India through National Voters Service portal is providing online services for Voter ID where one can get the online Form 6 Application Form.

NVSP Form 6 Sample Form PDF:

How to Fill NVSP Form 6 Applying for Voter ID Online & Offline?

NVSP – National Voters Service Portal offers Form 6 application form for the online & offline registration of Voter Id Card in India. Basically NVSP Form6 is available in 3 languages they are English, Hindi, and Malayalam. Form 6 contains 5 parts, they are mandatory particulars, current address & permanent address, optional particulars, uploading the scanned supporting documents, and declaration part. You can fill or complete the Form 6 application form online or you can download the Form 6 in printable PDF format and fill it.

  • First enter your State, District, and Assembly Constituency.
  • If you are applying for the voter id first time then select first time voter or if you are not then select shifting from another constituency.
  • Coming to the mandatory particulars section, you have enter your name, surname, father name or husband name, date of birth or age, and gender.
  • After completing the mandatory particulars column now enter your present address and permanent address. If both are same then enter the same details.
  • Coming to the optional particulars, this column is for the ones who are having disabilities.
  • Now its time to upload the scanned documents first one is your latest passport size photo, then attach your age proof document, address proof document. ( The scanned documents maximum size should be 2MB and the allowed formats are jpg, png, bmp, jpeg).
  • The last part of the application is declaration part, complete the declaration part, mention the date and place.
  • Now if you are applying online then click the submit button. If you are applying offline then sign the application form with date and attach the age proof, address proof, and photo and submit the application form.

Documents Required Applying for Voter Id Card:

Generally two documents are required applying for voter id card they are:

  • Address Proof Document.
  • Age Proof Document.

Documents Which can be Submitted as Address Proof for Voter Id Registration:

Documents Which can be Submitted as Date of Birth Proof for Voter Id Registration: