Weed Puller – How to Get Rid of Weeds/Invasive Plants

Manual Weed Remover:

We normally come across the weeds or unwanted plants in our garden or backyard or crops, when we refer to the garden or backyard we can remove manually if the backyard and garden size is small but when we have large area of garden or back yard or when we refer to the crops then we need a lot of manpower to remove the weeds.

Why Manual Weed Puller?

If you are wondering for a manual, maintenance free, low cost weed puller then you are in the right place because through this article I am going to explain about a weed puller which can be made at any place at low cost. This particular weed remover is designed in such a way that it removes the weeds and ploughs the soil simultaneously so that we can get rid of the weeds at the same time we can make a free way along the plants.

Features & Specifications:

This manual weed remover consists of a handle, a blade, a plough, and a wheel to move along. This weed puller is made with iron and it can be made anywhere at low cost. This grass remover don’t need power or gas to run, it is designed to run manually and works 100% successfully at less effort. This manual weed remover is maintenance free, one time purchase, and works efficiently on the field.

Making of Manual Weed Puller:

Coming to the making of the weed puller, you can choose the handle length, wheel size, and the thickness of the material according to your requirement or convenience. This manual weed remover works efficiently on all soil types.

How to use the Manual Weed Puller?

All you need to do is place the weed puller where you want to remove the weeds or invasive plants, hold the handle with your two hands and move the weed puller with your hands with the help of the handle, the blade/plough which is placed at the bottom of the wheel will remove the weeds and ploughs the soil as you move forward.

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