What is Driving License and its Classes and Vehicle Categories

A driving license is an official document that gives you the permit to drive any kind of motor vehicle in India. The minimum age of holding a permanent license is 18 years of age and one can apply for a learner’s license by the age of 16 years (only for motor vehicles under 50 cc and bikes without gear).

Vehicle Categories Related to Driving License in India

The different categories of driver’s license include:

  • MC 50CC – A motorcycle of 50 cc
  • MCW or MCWOG – A motorcycle without gear such as moped, scooter, etc.
  • MCWG or M/CYCL.WG – License to drive all motorcycles with gear as well as heavy bikes with gear anywhere in India.
  • LMV – Light motor vehicle license that includes auto rickshaws, jeep, motor cars, taxi, three-wheeler delivery van, etc.
  • LMVNT A license to drive any light motor vehicle like car for non-commercial transportation that is for personal use.
  • LMVTR – A light motor vehicle – transport license for driving light motor vehicles such as cars for commercial transportation and not valid to drive heavy motor vehicles (HMV).
  • HMV – A Heavy Motor Vehicle License that allows you to drive heavy or low motor vehicle ‘Open License’. It is an All India Driving Permit for Cars and Trucks.

Classes Related to Driving License in India

The different types of driver’s license based on classes related to the type of vehicle in India include:

  • LL: Learner License

Two Wheelers

  • MCW (or) MCWOG : Motor Cycle Without Gear
  • MCWG (or) M/CYCL.WG : Motor Cycle With Gear

Three or Four Wheeler

  • ARNT: Auto Rickshaw Non Transport
  • ART: Auto Rickshaw Transport
  • LMV-NT: Light Motor Vehicle – Non Transport
  • LMV-T: Light Motor Vehicle – Transport
  • MGV: Medium Goods Vehicle
  • MPV: Medium Passenger Vehicle

Heavy Motor Vehicle

  • HGV: Heavy Good Vehicle
  • HPV: Heavy Passenger Vehicle
  • HTV: Heavy Transport Vehicle (Valid for Goods and Passenger Vehicles)
  • HZRD: Heavy Transport Vehicle with Hazardous materials
  • TR: Tractor
  • RDRLR: Road Roller

These are the various categories and classes of driving licenses in India.

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