Which Celebrity Do You Look Like?

Find Out Which Famous Person You Look Like?

Are you wondering to find which famous person you look like then you are reading the right article, basically we will be having that curiosity to know how much de we look like a celebrity or our face matches with which famous person. To find which celebrity’s face matches you more with your face all you need is a smartphone, and with some basic knowledge anyone can do that by using the Gradient App.

How to Check How Much Do You Look Like Your Favourite Celebrity?

  • Go to google paly store and search for Gradient App
  • Download the Gradient App and open the app
  • You can check some advanced features provided by the App just click on Continue after checking them.
  • Now click on Try now, and select a photo of yours.
  • Upon selecting a photo, the app will show you four photos, from those four photos you can see your original photo on the left hand side and the celebrity photo on the right hand side and the 2 photos in between indicates how Gradient App transformed from your original photo to Celebrity photo.
  • At the bottom of the photos you can check the name of the celebrity you are matched with.
  • You can even change the view by clicking on the Post A or Post B.
  • There are some options on the top by using those options you can view the pictures in dark mode, bright mode etc.
  • Finally you can download the transformed photo or you can directly upload the photo and post it on Instagram or you can even share it on any other social media platform.
  • Like wise you can click on Next to check with the other celebrities or famous persons.

How to Edit or Crop or Apply Filters to Photos ?

  • Apart from finding and matching with the celebrity or famous person you look like, the Gradient app also enables you to edit, crop, add filters to your photos, for example while uploading the photo, you think your photo need some changes then you can use these options.
  • By using this wonderful app you can edit photos so click on edit option and select photo or choose an image or scenery.
  • Here in the edit we have 3 options they are Edit, Crop, and Filters.
  • If you want to resize the image then click on the Crop option so that you can resize the image or picture.
  • If you want to add filters to the image then click on filters option.
  • If you want to enhance brightness, contrast etc then you can click on edit option.

The gist of it is, you can find which famous person you look like and continue it for other celebrities, you can directly download the transformed photo or post it on Instagram or share it on any other social media platform. Finally, you can edit, crop, add filters to the images or pictures or sceneries.

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