Who Needs a Driving License in India

A driver’s license is an important document that is issued by the Road Transport Office (RTO) of your region. It proves that you know the road rules and regulations, safety signs and know to drive your vehicle.

Who is Required to Hold a Valid Driver’s License in India

Any person over the age of 16 years can apply for a learner’s license for a motor vehicle under 50 cc and without gear along with the permission of their parents or guardians. After the age of 18 years one can apply for a license for driving light vehicles as well as motorcycles with gear. After the age of 20 years, one can apply for a transport or commercial vehicle driver’s license.

One can even apply for an Internation driving license that allows you to drive on roads in international countries. This is useful if you plan a trip abroad. A person who wishes to drive in a more or less commercial type license, such as Light Motor Vehicles (LMV) such as auto rickshaws, vans, taxis, etc. can apply for LMV license.

In case of people who wish to drive buses, trucks, cranes and other heavy motor vehicle need to apply for Heavy Motor Vehicle (HMV) license after undergoing a special training.

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